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Nationwide Health Insurance Plans in California

Nationwide health insurance plans combine customer choice with the strong service commitment and financial strength of Nationwide Insurance. You also have access to many insurance benefits that typically are only available in employee-sponsored plans:

  • choice of CCN doctors & hospitals in 50 states
  • choice of deductibles on most plans
  • affordable co-pays from $25 to $45 for in-network doctor office visits
  • prescription drug benefit with no mandatory formulary
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week medical help desk
  • annual preventive care benefits for adults and children

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The PPO Choice and Lifestyle Series plans are offered by Nationwide Health Plans and the California Farm Bureau Federation for individuals under age 65.

PPO CHOICE Saver Select health plans
A qualified cheap health insurance plan eligible to be used with a Health Savings Account (HSA).  This plan offers high in-network coverage once your calendar year deductible has been met.

PPO Choice-SAVER-Select

The PPO Choice-Saver-Select plan is a Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified health insurance plan. While individuals must have a HSA to take advantage of the tax-related savings, anyone can apply for the PPO Choice-Saver Select plan. PPO Choice-Saver-Select offers 100% in-network coverage once your calendar year deductible is met.

(HSA)-Health Savings Account
An HSA is an account linked with a high deductible health insurance plan in which the account owner pays for health costs through a fully insured, tax-exempt savings account. Funds deposited into an HSA are used to pay for current health care expenses. In addition, HSA's offer these advantages:

  • lower premiums
  • Account portability - the HSA is yours!
  • funds accumulate and grow tax deferred
  • use the account to pay for expenses not covered by your health plan
  • supplemental retirement savings, after age 65

PPO CHOICE-30 health plans
Quality benefits with your choice of a $750, $1500 or $2500 deductible.

PPO Choice-30

  • Select a deductible amount that best fits your needs.
  • Meet your calendar year deductible amount. After your calendar year deductible has been met, you pay the coinsurance percentages of covered charges.
  • Once your annual maximum out of pocket amount is met, the Nationwide Health Plan will pay 100% of covered charges for the remainder of that calendar year.
  • The PPO Choice 30 Plan provides some benefits without having to meet your calendar year deductible. These benefits include Adult and Child Preventive Care, Immunizations and Prescription Drugs.

LifeStyle Series

The Lifestyle Series health plans
100% PPO coverage after deductible is met; deductible waived for first 4 PPO Doctor office visits; your choice of $1750.00, $2500.00, $3500.00 or $4500.00 deductible.

The LifeStyleS Series plans offer 100% in-network coverage once your calendar year deductible is met. The deductible is waived on the following benefits:

  • Annual Preventive Care (up to $250)
  • 4 in-network Doctor Visits with co-pay
  • Your choice of generic or 3-tier prescription drug benefit
  • $15 Immunizations

Nationwide health plans also include an option to add discounts and value added features which are not typically covered by health insurance like our Benefit Solutions program.

Are you looking for a Health Nationwide Health Insurance Plan?

Matt and can help you find a health plan that will fit your personal needs and budget. At you can compare Nationwide health insurance plans for individuals and families. Plus you will see all the major carriers side by side to compare and review. As an Independent health insurance agent in Ventura California Matt has been helping people with their health insurance needs for over 12 years. It’s our goal to help you find the right California health insurance plan that is contracted with the doctors and hospitals you want, at an affordable price.

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