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California Health Insurance Agent's Role in Helping You Find Insurance

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California health insurance agents help provide a very important service to both the health Health Insurance Agent insurance consumer and the insurance company. Services which include helping the consumer find and understand the right health insurance plans, Medicare Supplement, Medigap Insurance, Dental Insurance and even Life Insurance that meets the consumers’ needs and is affordable enough to fit their budget. And, for the insurance company, the agent has been the primary method for the distribution of the health insurance company’s private health insurance plans to the consumer.

Recent increases in the costs of health insurance have made the agent an ever more key part of the health insurance buying equation.  More than ever, an individual, a family and even a small business rely on the advice and guidance of their health insurance agent to get a quote find an affordable plan that will provide sufficient benefits.

Health insurance agents are similar to elected officials in that they are held responsible to their constituents. Because, in California, an agent who is not providing a good service can be replaced by another agent at any time. Health insurance agents are for all intents and purposes up for re-election everyday. To keep their clients happy, agents must be familiar with many different types of health plans, know of their clients’ needs and budget and see that their clients are appropriately satisfied.

Value of the California Health Insurance Agent

All rates for your California health insurance are regulated by the state. The premium is the same weather you use an independent agent or if you go directly through the insurance carrier. The compensation earned by the health insurance agent not only compensates for the sale of a health plan but, in addition, professional independent agents perform these other valuable services for the health insurance consumer:    

  • California health insurance agents work with their clients and evaluate their needs. This fact finding and evaluating is an on-going process since needs continuously change as a person's family and employment situations change.
  • Health insurance agents can make specific recommendations that suit the client's health insurance objectives and budget.
  • Agents explain in plain easy to understand language how the various health plans work.
  • Agent will periodically review their clients’ current coverage and make suggestions for changes when appropriate. And advise consumers about newly designed low cost health insurance plans.
  • Agents can help with claims, answer questions, and help clients deal with health insurance companies. 
  • It’s not uncommon for agents to spend an enormous amount of time helping clients gather the proper paperwork needed to submit or follow up on a claim. This can be especially true for health insurance agents with large amounts of senior clients who are receiving Medicare and Medicare Supplement or Medigap benefits.
  • Health Insurance agents help business owners in selecting the right small business group insurance plan for the company’s unique needs and budget. The agent will also often communicate those benefits to the employees.

Health Insurance Agents -- Trained Professionals

California requires all agents to be licensed and regulated by the state insurance department.  California health insurance agents are required to take state approved courses in insurance and insurance law. After passing the pre-licensing courses, prospective agents must take and pass a written exam at a local government office.  In addition, the state of California requires continuing education (30 hours every two years) in order for an agent to maintain his or her license. 

Are you looking for a Health Insurance Plan?

Matt and can help you find a health plan that will fit your personal needs and budget. At you can instantly compare California health insurance plans for individuals and families, Small business group health plans and also compare Term Life Insurance prices from several A+ rated Life Insurance Companies. Plus you will see all the major carriers side by side to compare and review. As an Independent health insurance agent in Ventura California Matt has been helping people with their health insurance needs for over 12 years. It’s our goal to help you find the right California health insurance plan that is contracted with the doctors and hospitals you want, at an affordable price. 

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